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BASSALARM.COM is up and Running

Several Years ago, those of us that enjoyed buzzbait fishing, lost a friend. The owner of the Chatterbuzz passed away, and with him so did the chatterbuzz, or so we thought. Over time we tried many replacement and imitation buzzbaits, and just could not find one that lived up to the original. We were beginning to give up hope when one of us stumbled onto a garage full of them, the original molds and a daughter who wanted to honor her father by continuing his dream. To make a long story short the , we acquired the company, and now and gone into production. Begin the new chapter!

The BASS ALARM Buzzer is one of the most versatile baits you can have on the end of your line. Turn on the Alarm by simply tuning the blade for full contact and watch as the bass "WAKE UP", or with another quick adjustment sneak up on them with just the gentle gurgle of the blade....The Bass will tell you what they want

way we think you will enjoy the topwater action of the BASS ALARM Buzzer

Customer Service: [email protected]