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COVID DELAYS - Folks - Quite a few of you have been patient and understanding as we ( The small Businesses ) have suffered through the shortages caused by the Corona virus, and the timing of our team getting the bug. Several of you have even pulled payment, requested and received refunds and still gotten your product. I will not pursue those that have had this happen or took action to get your money back, I will leave that entirely up to you. However, realize BASS ALARM is not Bass Pro, or TackleWarehouse, we are a small company run by a couple of fisherman who enjoy this bait, specifically buzzbait fishing. We tolerate all the copy cats, because quite frankly we cannot afford the lawyers to sue those big companies, and we survive on the support of those that know and support us.However, Moving forward,  all payments will be properly processed and collected prior to any order being full filled or shipped. This will result in a 2 week minimum delivery.


Currently we ship only USPS priority , and use standard packaging. The reason for this is to keep the cost down and in turn allow our customers to get the best pricing available. 

We  will make every effort to get your order to you as soon as possible. Please allow 2 weeks minimum for delivery of orders shipped. Weekends and holidays will delay shipment.  Some restrictions may apply.